Community Outreach with Franklin Vance Warren Project

Community Outreach - Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity, Inc.

The Henderson Institute Alumni and Former Graduates Association Members were deeply saddened when we learned of the death of our dear friend, classmate, mentor, and community leader, Ms. Andrea Harris.  She meant so much to so many throughout the state and beyond including each and every members of the HI Association.  Her commitment and dedication to supporting underserved populations will be forever remembered.  As such, the members of the Association made a donation in memory of Ms. Harris to Franklin Vance Warren Opportunity, Inc. (F-V-W) because we knew how dedicated she was to the Agency that she led until she moved onto  share her knowledge and expertise with other civic groups. We knew of the services that F-V-W brought to the Vance County Community and the impact of those services. The Association requested that the donation be used to purchase Food Gift Cards for distribution to select members of the local community affected by COVID-19 and were in need of food assistance.  The Association hopes to collaborate with F-V-W on future service initiatives to support the local community.

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