About Us

In 1976, the Henderson Institute Alumni was organized.  Since that time these annual meeting have been held on the week-end preceding Labor Day.

During the Annual Meeting in the 1980 the restoration of the Library Science Building was discussed.  This was one of the last two remaining buildings on the former Henderson Institute Campus.

A committee headed by Henrietta C. Clark met with the Vance County Board of Education and requested to lease the building.  The request was granted provided the group would become incorporated with a board of directors.  On August 24, 1982 the organization known as the Henderson Institute Graduates and Former Student Association, Inc. was incorporated with a 11 member board of Directors.  Henrietta C. Clark became the first chairperson on the board and served in the capacity for over 13 years until 1998.

The first board of directors consisted of the following individuals: Henrietta Clark – Chairman, Elizabeth Wilson – Secretary, Allen S Brown – Treasurer, James P. Green, O.T. Robinson, Raynah Adams, II, Randolph T. Baskerville, Arthur Williams, Leslie Davis, Ralph Glover and Johnny Johnson.

On February 7, 1983, a ten year lease was signed by Dr. Hilton Lewis, Superintendent of Schools representing the Board of Education and Elizabeth Wilson and Leslie Davis representing the Association.  In the 1986, the Vance County Board of Education deeded the property to the Association.

The organization has approximately 275 members located across the United States.  The organization has five regional chapters:  New York/New Jersey Chapter, DC Metropolitan Area Chapter (DC, Maryland and northern Virginia Areas), Richmond, Virginia Chapter , Triad Chapter (Henderson, Raleigh, Durham areas) and Piedmont Chapter (Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, NC)

                                            Current Board of Directors

Horace P. Bullock-Chairman  ends 2018                                                William  A. Holden, Jr.-Vice Chair ends 2017

Barbara B. Massey-Secretary ends 2018                                                   Samuel Williams-ends 2020

Marian Nelson ends2018                                                                                Margaret Cross ends 2018

Ozone Terry- ends 2019                                                                           Edward Ellis-Term ends 2019

Larry Carroll-term ends 2017                                                         Jacqueline Woodard-term ends 2017

Patricia H. Croslan-term ends 2017                                           

                                                  Henrietta C. Clark-Emeritus

Ralph C. Glover-Emeritus                                          Barbara M. Crews-Emeritus

Annie G. Miller-Emeritus                                           Roberta Smithwith-Emeritus

John E. Hodge-Emertius

                                                                 Current Officers & Executive Committee

Rose J. Bullock        – President                           Shirley Donetta Evans-V ice President

Calvin Thompson-2nd Vice President

Evelyn Marrow-Alston-Secretary                        Janic Ellis-Woods-Asst. Secretary

Magnolia Williams-Treasurer                                    Linda Terry-Asst. Treasurer

John E. Hodge-Financial Secretary                    Barbara M. Crews-Asst. Financial Secretary

Thomas G. Mcknight-Parliamentariun                  Willie B. Holloway-Sargent-at-Arms


                                                                       Committees & Chairpersons

Membership                                   Vera D. Hodge

Budget                                                 “Vacant”

Constitution & By-laws               “Vacant”

Publication                                       Ruth Wilson

Necrology                                         Evelyn Mitchell

Public Relations                                     “Vacant”

Reunion Planning                           ” Vacant”

Museum                                           Edna Scott-Museum Curator

National Scholarship                  Robert Bogan

Awards Committee                      Ola Thorpe Cooper