Henderson Institute Scholarship Programs

Robert Bogan

The Henderson Institute Robert Bogan Annual Scholarship Committee was created to recognize and support selected local high school seniors’ academic careers. Candidates include seniors that can establish a legacy of a Henderson Institute Graduate.  All applicants should meet certain criteria to get nominated. They must have excelled in their subject area and must pursue higher education at an accredited college or university. 

The Association perceives these scholarships as an investment in the recipients’ academic careers and our community’s future. Our goal is to provide funding to cover a portion of the cost for their freshman year of college and beyond. These awards can be used at any accredited institution of the recipients’ choice. Interested students can apply via the HI website as instructed on the application form. Applicants are also required to have an interview with the Scholarship Committee.

The HI Scholarship Committee selects recipients based on merit and potential. The results are shared through a letter sent to all participants no later than the first Tuesday in May. School counselors of the recipients’ schools are also notified.  

Applications should be carefully reviewed for completeness before submission. You can access all details below in the appropriate section of this website.

2023 Scholarship Recipient