Board of Directors

Members of Our HI Board of Directors

Chairman – William Holden

Vice-Chairman – Larry Carroll

Board Secretary – Janice Woods

Board Member – Jacqueline Woodard

Board Member – Frederick Williams

Board Member – Ozon Terry

Board Member – Karen Johnson

Board Member – Ruth H. Wilson

Board Member – John Martin

Board Member – James Ragland

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors:

The Henderson Institute Board of Directors, a nonprofit organization, oversees the Governance of the Henderson Institute Graduates and Former Students Association, Inc. The Board seeks to ensure that all volunteer members act legally, ethically, and according to the HI Constitution & By-Laws.

The Henderson Institute’s Board must also:

  • Ensure that the Association follows the Constitution & By-Laws
  • Approve the Six Standing Committees outlined in the Constitution & By-Laws
  • Ensure the Association adheres to all financial and fiscal obligations by evaluating policies, approving budgets, and reviewing reports
  • Attend Board Meetings to show support and dedication to the Association
  • Board members must concede and commit to their duties and operate accordingly to prioritize the Association’s well-being first and foremost

National Executive Committee

President, Calvin Thompson

Calvin is a 1969 graduate of Henderson Institute High School and is employed with USDA as an Investigator in the Investigative Analysis Branch in Raleigh, North Carolina. He works closely with the US Attorney’s office in the state of North Carolina in the criminal and civil prosecution of violations of federal laws and regulations. He also works very closely with other city, county, state. and federal law enforcement agencies. Prior to joining USDA, he was employed with the CIA. 

Calvin served on an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) assignment in the town of Princeville, NC to assist in the rebuilding of the town from the hurricane Floyd disaster. The Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) allows the assignment of a federal employee to a non-federal organization. He received the Humanitarian Award for his work in the town of Princeville during this assignment.  

He is a member of the Kesler Temple AME Zion Church in Henderson, NC where he serves as the Preacher’s Steward, Chairman of the Steward Board, and President of the Ushers Ministry. He is president of the Mopar Motivators Car Club which helps the elderly, low-income families and other charities. 

Calvin is a high school and college basketball referee while also serving as a state clinic leader. He also has been involved with at-risk kids in the Weed and Seed program in Henderson, NC as a Program Coordinator under a program sponsored by the Department of Justice. 

Calvin attended Livingstone College and maintains his certification at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Ga. His hobbies are drag racing, car shows and civic engagements.

The Henderson Institute’s National Executive Committee Officers shall manage the National Alumni Association.

National Executive Committee shall consist of the following officers

  • President – Calvin Thompson
  • 1st. Vice President – Sandra W. Jones
  • 2nd Vice President – Harold Richardson
  • Treasurer – Linda K. Terry
  • Assistant Treasurer – Dorothy B. Henderson
  • Secretary – Evelyn M. Alston
  • Assistant Secretary – James Harrison
  • Financial Secretary – John Hodge
  • Assist. Financial Secretary – Barbara Crews
  • Parliamentarian – Gilbert McKnight
  • Sergeant of Arms – Willie Holloway
  • Chaplain – Susan P. Warren

National Executive Committee shall also consist of Six Standing Committees led by Corresponding Chairpersons/Coordinator:

  • Henderson Institute Museum Coordinator – Ms. Ruth H. Wilson
  • Budget Committee – John E. Hodge, Sr.
  • Henderson Institute Scholarship – Robert Bogan
  • Constitution & By-Laws – Janice Woods
  • Financial Planning and Fundraising Committee – Karen Johnson
  • Nominating Committee – Ola Thorpe Cooper

The National Executive Committee is composed of several Sub-Committees

The chairperson leads these subcommittees in the organization of The Henderson Institute Annual Alumni Weekends, Veteran Day Holiday, and Black History Month.

Celebrations and Program initiatives are planned and coordinated by these teams. All officers and committee members shall be held to the same Association Standards of the HI Constitution & By-Laws, ensuring the Association’s well-being first and foremost.

Thomas Gilbert McKnight

Gilbert served with distinction in his prior roles, and he has exceeded all expectations as Parliamentarian. Previous positions held by Thomas Gilbert McKnight include Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2011, National President 2013-2018 and Parliamentarian 2018-present. Gilbert continues to provide timely and expert support in all constitutional matters.


Annual Planning Committee

The National Executive Committee President selects the Annual Planning Committee, and they serve at his discretion, which includes the participation of the entire Executive Committee. 

The committee chairperson leads these meetings and makes preparations for the Annual Labor Day activities. The planning committee is made up of various sub-committees.
The current chairperson is Calvin Thompson. Additional committees include:

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is appointed by the president and serves at his discretion. 

The Awards committee accepts nominations for four annual awards (1) Humanitarian, (2) Hall of Fame, (3) Community Leader, and (4) Service.

The current chairperson is Ola Cooper-Thorpe

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is one of the standing committees and is appointed by the president and serves at the discretion of the president. The current chairperson is John E. Hodge, Sr.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of all current officers, committee chairpersons and past presidents.  

The current chairperson is Calvin Thompson.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is appointed by the president. All members serve at the president’s discretion. 

The committee chairperson presides over the meetings and is responsible for maintaining information and contact details pertaining to Association members and increasing the overall membership. 

The current chairperson is Vera D. Hodge.

Museum Committee

The Museum Committee serves at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The chairperson of this committee presides over committee meetings and handles ongoing activities of the museum. The current committee coordinator is Ruth H. Wilson.

National Scholarship Committee

The National Scholarship Committee was formed two years after Robert Bogan appealed to the board to start a scholarship fund program. The Committee appointed him as the chairperson of the committee on August 30, 1997. The current chairperson is Robert Bogan.

Necrology Committee

The Necrology Committee is one of the most honorable committees of the Association. The president appoints the committee and chairperson. The current chairperson is Lavern Burwell Grant.

Regional Chapters

The Association has approximately 300 members located across the United States. It is divided into four regional chapters:

New York/New Jersey Chapter 

Emma Hawkins (President)
Email: elh86@comcast.net

DC Metropolitan Area Chapter (DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia Areas)

Ida Kingsberry (President)
Email: ikingsbe@msn.com

Triad Chapter (Henderson, Raleigh, and Durham areas)

Marian P. Harrison (President) 
Email: marianharrison027@gmail.com

Piedmont Chapter (Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem, NC)

Valarie S. Harris (President)
Phone: 252-430-0616