Chairman’s Welcome

A message from the Chairman

Welcome alumni, friends, and visitors to the Henderson Institute (HI) Alumni Association’s New Website! We are extremely excited to introduce you to the new services and initiatives available through this platform. The website will support our alumni/former students and continue to keep them connected to the Association in several ways.

The new website will provide:

  • Information on HI events throughout the year as well as Chapter activities
  • Updates on features and activities happening at the Historical Museum
  • Online access to our newsletter, the ‘Panther Prowl’
  • The latest updates on our scholarship programs and awardees
  • Online registration and updates about our Annual Reunions
  • Online access to our new HI Alumni Hall of Fame
  • Opportunities to share photos, information, donate, and much more

More importantly, as our motto states, “Lest We Forget.”

We want to acknowledge and thank all who continue to support the Association.  

The commitment and devotion of Alumni members have paved the way for success over the past 40 plus years. You deserve our sincerest gratitude for laying a strong foundation for future generations. 

Our current members are immensely proud and delighted to be an active part of the Association as we move forward long into the future. With God’s Grace, the Henderson Institute Alumni Association will continue to thrive.

William “Bill” Holden,



The mission of the Henderson Institute Graduates and Former Students Alumni Association, Inc. is to:


Bring The School’s Alumni together to reconnect and assist with the preservation and use of the HI Museum, and to support educational initiatives for Vance County youth and the community at large, as a memorial to Henderson Institute.


Capture the history and maintain the legacy of Henderson Institute through the HI Association.


Activities and Planned Events designed to support and uplift the youth of the Vance County educational community and the community at large.

Our Goals:

  • Ensure the Henderson Institute Museum building and its contents are preserved, maintained properly and kept in good condition.
  • Provide scholarships and scholarship opportunities for eligible students in the Henderson and the Vance County Public School System.
  • Conduct events and activities, to be hosted by the Association and its Chapters, to support the scholarship and educational initiatives of the Association.
  • Create and maintain an Association website to keep the local public informed of programs and initiatives to support the Vance County Community.
  • Grow the Association membership by: reaching out to graduates, attending former students, legacy family members, faculty and reviewing recommendations for honorary membership.
  • Partnering with the Vance County School Administration to provide scholarship opportunities for Vance Co. College-Bound students.