Chairman’s Welcome

Greetings H&I Family! 

Chairman – William Holden

On behalf of the Henderson Institute Board of Directors, I want to say thank you to our members for your continued support of the Association.  Your generous donations and volunteer efforts are not only appreciated but essential to the success of our programs.  We continue to support the community with our Scholarship offerings, and we have been able to keep the HI Museum open to the Vance County residents along with the surrounding communities. When we unite our efforts toward common goals, we can bring people and communities together.

The Board has continued to focus on the following areas since our last report:

First, we are excited to report the continued success of our Financial, Scholarship and Website committees.  We’ve finalized this by highlighting the tremendous progress and success of the HI Museum.

HI Association Financial Committees:

The HI Budget Committee finalized the Budget, obtained Board approval.  All accounts receivable and accounts payable continue to be managed as budgeted.

HI Website Committee:

New 2022 Reunion photos are being added to the site this period along with upcoming events.
Note: Members may use the HI Website (, to register for the Reunion, pay annual dues and make donations online. All donations are tax deductible and proof of donations can be provided at the donor’s request. Please continue to check the H&I Website (, frequently for information and future events.

HI Scholarship Committee:

Mr. Bogan continues to Chair the HI Scholarship Committee and details on the current status will be provided by the Committee.

HI Alfred Street Baptist Church – HBCU Scholarship Festival Committee:

We are awaiting the information for the 2023 College Festival and aligning officers to support the program.

The HI Historical Museum: A brief history, Where we are, New initiatives

Brief History:

“The Vance County Board of Education had plans to demolish the Library Science Building; one of the last reminders of the Henderson Institute Campus. Their determination was the building could not be brought up to standard. Thank God for Mrs. Henrietta Hatton Clark and the former students who cherished those social and economic rewards received from HI. They asked for and were granted the right to preserve and restore the building in 1983. The Henderson Institute Campus was established in Henderson, N.C., in 1887. The development of the sixty-seven-acre campus was launched in 1891, and the Library Science Building, that is currently, The HI Historical Museum, was established in 1928. Henderson Institute Historical Museum serves the community as a powerfully identifying symbol, anchoring those who went there to a specific place, and a specific time, in history.”  

Not only was the Library Science Building rescued from demolition, it was also brought up to code, restored as a pristine professional historical site and has been maintained as a Class-A structural showcase since its inception. We will forever be grateful to each of you; our former HI students and graduate members, for pouring your best selves into preserving this monumental part of not only our history, also a very vital part in Vance County’s history. This building majestically stands in representation of our legacy, “Dear Ole H&I”!

Where We Are:

The Museum Planning Committee remains active and laser focused. Karen P. Johnson continues to manage the Museum as Chairperson.  We are excited to announce (-) James ‘Sonny’ Henderson, c/o 1966, has joined the team as Museum Vice Chairperson. The newly established Museum Planning Committee is primarily responsible for coordinating selected activities at the Museum.

Museum Event Planning Committee members:

  • Chairperson – Karen P. Johnson 
  • Vice Chairman – James’ ‘Sonny’ Henderson 
  • Member – Linda K. Terry 
  • Member – Saundra W. Jones
  • Member – Evelyn M. Alston 
  • Member – LeVerne Burwell-Grant 
  • Support – Harold Richardson (Veterans’ Day support)

Museum Key Support Personnel:

  • Willie Holloway 
  • Ozon Terry
  • Larry Carroll
  • John Hodges Sr.

Holidays to be featured at the Museum – 2023 /2024

  • Juneteenth 
  • July 4th  
  • HI Class Reunion 
  • Veteran’s Day 
  • Holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year days 
  • MLK Day & -Black History Month

Museum Financial Management Staff (manages all financials – with Board approval):

  • Museum Treasurer – Dorothy B. Henderson 
  • Museum Assistant Treasurer – Linda K. Terry 
  • Museum Financial Secretary – John Hodge Sr.
  • Museum Assistant Financial Secretary – Barbara M. Crews

Museum Public Operating Hours Below:

  • Monday — Wednesday, by Appointment Only
    (please call the Museum, (252) 430-0616, at least 72 hours in advance to schedule a visit)
  • Thursday, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Saturday, (2nd and 4th), 11:00 AM to 2 PM

A group of ten or more must call the Museum, (252) 430-0616, 72 hours in advance to schedule a visit.

HI Museum Member Coverage support personnel: 

Willie Holloway, Ozon Terry, Rodney and Jeanette Kingsberry, James and Dorothy Henderson, Michael and Mary Anderson, Larry Carroll, John Hodge, Harold Richardson, Rose Bullock, Richard Bullock, and Ann Person. 

** Again, we thank all the HI members for their true dedication, love and support of our HI legacy and our Historical HI Museum.

*Museum Phone Call Management- Dorothy T. Justice – Manager
Dorothy manages all calls to closure within a 72-hour turnaround.

New Initiatives:

The Committee plans to showcase HI women who served in the military.  Several women have been identified so far. If you know of anyone, call the Museum, 252-430-0616 and leave their contact information

*Pursuing State Funding for the HI Museum:

Vice Chairman, Larry Carroll / National Exec, Committee President, Calvin Thompson.  

There are three targeted areas of interest: 

  1. Building Structural Soundness Requirements – (Architect Required to assess)
  2. Site Security Requirements,  
  3. Technology Upgrade Requirements.

Museum features Black history education for our youth:

“A group of 18 students from Vance County Schools visited the Henderson Institute Historical Museum as the capstone to VCS’ “Just U & Me Mentoring Program”. Fifth graders from L.B. Yancey Elementary School, along with their mentors from Vance County Early College, visited the museum for a tour. Dr. Ralphel Holloman, director of the mentoring program joined them.” The discussions ranged from ‘what stood out to them during the tour; what they aspire to be; the importance of education; to transitioning from High School to College’. The visit was a huge success. Dr. Holloman’s goal is to work with the HI team to ensure every 5th & 6th grade Student in the County experiences the Museum tour firsthand. The HI Team is looking forward to working with Dr. Holloman to make his proposal a reality.

“The ability to read, write, and analyze; the confidence to stand up and demand justice and equality; the qualifications and connections to get your foot in the door and take your seat at the table — all of that starts with education.”

Michelle Obama


 It is interesting to witness how the campus has been reduced from a once flourishing 67-acre property, which housed our High School, Henderson Institute, to a two-story Museum structure housed on a small lot. In comparison, according to the US Census Bureau Vance County sits on an acreage of 270 square miles, and the City of Henderson’s acreage is 8.63 sq. miles. Though the building sits on such a small area; our “HI Museum has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places in The United States of America since November 29, 1995”.   Now that’s a BIG Deal!!

“Our HI Museum sits on a small site yet tells a tremendous story about a resilient people who made the most out of an educational opportunity”!

***Again, we want to thank all the HI members for their true dedication, love and support of our HI legacy and our Historical HI Museum.

William “Bill” Holden,